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Welcome to (PSJ) - the best community for plastic surgery abroad. The secret of our success is our members. PSJ'ers (members of PSJ) are some of the most supportive and helpful members on the net.  Time and again, tens of thousands of dollars are saved, friendships are born, and lives are transformed with the help of PSJ'ers.  Many people experienced the alternatives on the net - either in biased information on doctor web sites, or from content managed by individuals who profit from signing up patients for a particular surgeon. You rarely get both sides of the story in those environments. Here you can get the support and honesty you need to plan and make an informed decision on plastic surgery abroad. Here, the people and experiences are real!


About PSJ

What is PSJ? For nearly a decade and a half, (PSJ) has been one of the best resources for gaining knowledge about plastic surgery across the globe. PSJ's primary mission is to help people share their plastic surgery experiences (particularly outside of the U.S.) — GOOD or BAD.

Is traveling abroad for plastic surgery crazy?
It can be very scary planning to go to another country for surgery. It also may be difficult to talk with your family and friends not only about why you want to have surgery but why going outside of the U.S. can make sense. On PSJ you can find a community of people who relate to where you are in your journey and who want to help you as a part of theirs. PSJ members help you plan, see you off, check in on you while your gone, and support you when you come home.

All totaled, traveling outside of the U.S. for plastic surgery is not really a bargin - Is it? For nearly a decade and a half, countless PSJ'ers have saved tens of thousands of dollars going abroad for plastic surgery with great results. The key to getting the best result is direct information and experience from people who've done it. The PSJ community gives you the power to locate the best educated, best equipped doctors, as well as ones you should probably avoid.



"PSJ is such a wonderful site. I don't know if I could have gotten the courage up to go an have PS in another country with out it. Thanks for all of the posts from those who have "been there, done this!!!"
dmr2duks, Georgia
"I would never, ever have considered going out of the country for surgery...if it were not for this site. All the support, personal stories (the good & bad) it all helps those who are still researching the crazy idea of going out of our comfort zone to have surgery!"
Priscillamylove, Minnesota
"There is NOTHING like the voice of experience to help us newbies. The doctors and others have NOT been through this, and don't always understand the depth of our concerns, the fears, the battles (inward and financial) that affect our decisions.
This site is nearly addictive for me... I am learning so much and continually reinforcing my decision that this is a good thing and I am right to push forward on doing this." Nikki_W_W